Wired’s 10 Most Disappointing Games Are Befuddling

Confused, befuddled, curious… any of these would describe my feelings after reading through a recent top 10 list. And know, it’s not another one of those infuriating top 10 best games of the year lists. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Wired recently listed its 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2008 and I have to say, some of them are head scratchers. Take a look:

10. Age of Conan
9. Tom Clancy’s EndWar
8. Too Human
7. Stalker: Clear Sky
6. Mirror’s Edge
5. Dead Space
4. Prince of Persia
3. Mario Kart Wii
2. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
1. Spore

While I agree with the top few, having numbers 4-6 on the list at all are kind of puzzling, to say the least. What do you guys think?

Source- Wired

GameCop Vs LameCop #3

GameCop vs. LameCop is a feature where Anthony and I argue about video game issues, playing the role of either the GameCop or the LameCop as we do so. We switch roles each time. The GameCop has your best interests as gamers at heart, while the LameCop is just what he sounds like: a total loser.

This week, we tackle several issues including Nintendo’s racial epithets in Animal Crossing, gaming companies’ decision to release all of the video games at the same time each year, and releasing buggy games.

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GamerSushi Asks: Best Gaming Moments, 2008

Over the next few weeks, we’re hoping to put together a couple of features regarding “best of” for 2008, but we still have a few other questions we’d like to hit you up with. This week’s question: what are your favorite gaming moments from this year? It can be something that happened in multiplayer, a moment in a story from a single player game, anything.

For me, I’d have to say that the opening of Fallout 3 really blew me away. I know a lot of people got bored with the childhood thing, but after Oblivion I honestly wasn’t expecting a story. To have the game open the way it did, bringing me into a world that I felt immersed in, and having the character born into it, was just a creative and cool concept. Also, I’d have to throw some Left 4 Dead moments in there, because those just rule.

What about you guys?

The Definitive Holiday Gaming List

We all know that lots of games are coming out this Fall/Winter. We’ve been through this drill many times as gamers. We’ve gotten used to it. However,  I don’t know if I remember another year quite like this one, with so many quality titles coming out across a variety of platforms.

GamesRadar has put together an awesome list of “The 28 Best Games Still to Come in 2008”, to help you get an idea of what’s in store for you. It’s really wild to see them all listed together like this. I think I want to play about 14 titles on it.

Hooray for going broke this holiday season? How many make your list?

Source- GamesRadar