GamerSushi Asks: Favorite Video Game Urban Legends?

Sheng Long Street FighterThe Tomb Raider Nude Code. Sheng Long in Street Fighter II. Savvy gamers instantly smile or roll their eyes upon hearing these phrases because we know what they are: lies. Dirty, shameless lies. Whether we were once fooled by them in our more naive days or we pulled the figurative wool over our friends eyes for a laugh, these myths have persisted throughout the years, like a digital Sasquatch.

So coming across this list from 1UP detailing the most famous video game urban legends, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia and a sudden fit of laughter. My personal tale involves a foolish friend who did all manner of insane things in Final Fantasy VII in a vain effort to bring Aeris back. Things such as accumulate 100,000 GP in the Gold Saucer and steal from a Tonberry 100 times in one battle. Where did this poor sap get this idiotic notion? Why, from me, of course! Man, was he mad!

Which myths on the list did you fall for? Have you ever played a trick on a friend in such a devious manner? GO!

Source: 1UP