Hottest January Releases

Well, 2011 is just getting started and I’m sure many of you are still playing the games you got for Christmas. Sorry to say, there is no rest for the weary, because big blockbuster games are about to drop already. I have barely dipped my toes into Fallout: New Vegas and Black Ops has replaced Gran Turismo 5 as my constant obsession, but I have barely made any headway into any of these massive games. And with new games coming out, I’m pretty stressed.

The following is a list of some of the more notable releases this month. Are there any on there that you plan on getting right away? Or are there some that you are going to wait for a price reduction? Let us know what you think!

Hit the jump for the list:

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New Releases: Dead Space and More

Well, that crazy Fall/Winter season that we’ve been anticipating must have totally snuck up on us. Did any of you know that Dead Space was dropping this Tuesday? I certainly missed that somehow.

After all of the cool things I’ve seen about this game, it’s nuts that its release has been kind of downplayed compared to other ones. I guess people are holding their breath about it. I mean, it is by EA after all.

And there’s actually more coming than that…

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