GamerSushi Asks: What’s Your Video Game Dream Job?

As more and more colleges offer courses in designing video games, it occurs to me that I likely don’t have the proper skill set for such an endeavor. I’m not great with math, not artistic and my skills with computers is somewhere between George Jetson and Jar Jar Binks. Plus, from the horror stories I hear about the long hours and stressful deadlines, it just doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.

But still, the idea of making games and having a say in what makes a game great is somewhat appealing, so I wanted to ask you guys what position would you like in a video game company? Myself, obviously, writing the script or scenario for a game would be ideal. I know others would like to create the graphics or gameplay or perhaps even something as specific as enemy design.

So what’s your video game dream job? Engage!