The 2012 Sushis: A Year of Highs and Lows

The 2012 Sushis

If you’ll do us the kindness of remembering, you’ll recall that GamerSushi does the annual recap a bit differently than most places. Sure, we’ll do our Top 10 Games of 2012 list within the next week, but before that we bring you the Sushis, our roast, celebration and general send-up of the previous year’s highs and lows.

In the 2012 Sushis, we mock the disappointments, high five the best multiplayer experiences and give solos to the unsung heroes of one of the generation’s most interesting years yet.


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Calling the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards

Spike VGAs 2012

It’s that time again — Spike’s annual VGAs are happening tomorrow night, and gamers can expect lots of new trailers, winning upsets, celebrities pretending to enjoy video games, lots of cheesy humor and whatever else they decide to stick into the show. While the show isn’t exactly high entertainment value, it’s a nice little landmark in the gaming year because it’s the one time besides E3 that developers load us up with game announcements and trailers. We already know we’ll be seeing world premiere trailers of Gears of War: Judgment, Bioshock: Infinite, The Last of Us and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

But of course, the supposedly more interesting part of all of this is the award presentations themselves, as voted on by gamers. Naturally, this tends to cause a few head scratchers out of the bunch, but that’s half the fun, right? The full list of nominees is way too lengthy to post here in full, but the GOTY contenders are: Assassin’s Creed III, Mass Effect 3, Journey, Walking Dead and Dishonored. If you want to vote, you can get the full run down of the VGA 2012 nominees here.

So do you guys have any predictions about how the evening will go down? Best Developer? Best PC Game? Best Multiplayer? And do you have any other predictions for any surprises we might see tomorrow night? Go!

The 2010 Sushis: A Year Honored and Belittled

If everyone else gets to make “Best of the Year” lists, then by golly, so do we. Only, instead of the trite awards that every other site dishes out, we try to be a bit more creative with our end of year awards, bestowing unique honors that bring both shame and glory. That’s right: it’s time again for the annual Sushi Awards.

For those with a keen memory (or that know how to use our search bar), you’ll recall that we did this for 2009 and 2008 as well, so feel free to go over those to remember how awesome those years were, prior to this one.

As with those previous entries, keep in mind that the Sushi awards represent our goofy and snarky take on the year in gaming, for better or worse, chosen by the GS dudes. A proper “best of” top 10 list is coming next week. But for now, enjoy these custom awards and tell us what you think!


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Who’s Watching the VGA’s?

Spike Video Game Awards 2010Friends, gamers, dudes, etc – did you know that the 2010 Video Game Awards are on tonight? They’ll be airing twice in a row on Spike, so that you can catch all of the video games in their televised glory.

Honestly, I’m not always that excited about the VGA’s, but this year rumors abound with all of the potential reveals and game announcements. For one, we’ll get to see the first glimpses of Unchated 3, as well as Batman: Arkham City. And if the rumors hold true, Mass Effect 3. I’m hoping the show itself isn’t mega lame, but I’m willing to bear with it if it means that we get to see all kinds of crazy trailers and announcements for games we didn’t know about previously.

And in addition to all of that, there will be that whole “awards” thing, where different games get honored for their achievements. If you haven’t seen the full list, we’ve got it posted here, so be sure to check that out and make your early predictions.

If you’re hankering for even more VGA talk, our podcast is going to drop tomorrow, and this week’s edition is all about our VGA predictions, so you can check if we’re right.

So, who’s actually going to be watching this, and what games are you hoping to see? Which ones do you want to win? Go!

The 2009 Sushis: A Year In Review

There are plenty of “best of the year” lists floating around for video games these days. But none of them are the Sushis. The Sushis represent a higher pedigree, one that rises above all of the other bush league video game blogs out there. These awards really mean something, people.

OK, maybe not. But they’re fun as hell, and that’s the point of playing games, right?

The Sushi awards represent our goofy and snarky take on the year in gaming, for better or worse, chosen by the GS dudes. A proper “best of” list is coming this weekend, but for now, enjoy these custom awards and feel free to comment on them.

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