Microsoft and EA Promise to Stay Original

moneyIf you weren’t aware, these fair United States are in a bit of an economic crunch at the moment. Heck, the whole world is, really. As a result, we’re seeing news of lay-offs and downsizing happening in nearly every industry, and unfortunately, video games have suffered their own casualties.

However, both Microsoft and EA have officially declared that they will continue to push forward on new, original IPs despite the recession. Both companies feel that they can take risks due to their currently strong brands (Gears of War, Halo and Madden can do that for you, I guess). Hopefully this means more Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge.

To me this is certainly welcome news. Lately, I’ve felt that some of the only developers out there pushing new IP were coming from Microsoft Game Studios, joined last year by EA. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see some more innovation, instead of all the studios falling back on even more sequels than we’re already getting.

Source- Shacknews

7 Most Ridiculous Video Game Economies

With new President Barack Obama sworn in as King Dude in the U.S., it’s no secret that there’s a lot of work to do out there, particularly when it comes to the festering maw that is our nation’s current economy. Since the fiscal temperature has moved from a state of “cool with low humidity” to “frigid with a high chance of sucking”, we’ve seen our share of absurd ordeals.

However, if you think that our economy is wacky, then perhaps you haven’t spent too much time inhabiting many fictional video game worlds. For those of you who are looking to relocate somewhere better, we’ve put together a small travel guide for virtual visitors. If these places were real, they would be bizarre and unbelievable.

Here are the 7 most ridiculous video game economies, good and bad.
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