Gamersushi Asks: Games You’ll Never Trade?


Trading games in has became a normal way of life for gamers, something I begrudgingly have come to terms with. I’ve always tried not to buy something that I know I will trade in right after finishing and if I truly love a game and think I will replay it again one day, in some mythical future when I have more time, I hold onto it.

But some games, even if I won’t likely play them again, I can’t get rid of, like Final Fantasy games. Not the spin-offs, mind you. I’m not crazy. But the main series entries. I have all of them, in various incarnations and the thought of getting rid of any of them makes my blood curdle. For a long time, I also felt that way about Grand Theft Auto, though that sentiment has faded in recent years.

One game I have held onto is Halo: Reach, simply for the occasional night of fun with Eddy and Mitch and Call of Duty: Black Ops for the PS3 to play with my brother on weekends. I will likely hold onto those until the next Halo and Call of Duty games come out because sometimes, I need that quick FPS fix.

What games are considered untouchable to you? Get jiggy with it in the comments!

GameStop Actually Offering Good Trade-In Value

GameStopYes, you read that right. The video game superstore giant is currently offering a ridiculous trade-in special, and everyone that’s even remotely thinking of parting with some games should go take advantage of it. As Anthony pointed out the other day, this Spring is actually ripe with games for us to pick, and everyone should experience them together.

What’s the trade-in deal, you ask? Well, GameStop is actually offering 50% more than normal for trade-ins. If you are an Edge card member, you get an additional 10%. The best part of all this is that the deal is going to last for the next 3 weeks. You can do what Nick did today: trade in 2 games to purchase Heavy Rain, which he plans on beating this week, and then trading back to get Final Fantasy XIII. With the additional trade-in value, such schemes are more than possible.

So, who else is going to take advantage of this? My plan is to trade in Modern Warfare 2 to purchase Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Source- GameStop

On the Etiquette of Gaming

The thing that unites us here at GamerSushi is our unhealthy love and adoration of all things related to gaming. I’d like to think it creates a unique bond between us. Something that forms a common knowledge through shared experiences, a collective set of ethics and codes that we follow. Sure we deviate on issues here and there (Splinter Cell Conviction and night vision, for instance), but for the most part, we seem to understand one another.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of a few things that I’ve been curious about in terms of gaming etiquette. Things that tend to cause awkwardness in gaming circles or in the online atmosphere. I want to hear what you guys think about these things. Feel free to give as much or as little response as you like. Let’s roll.
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