After Street Fighter II

Ever wonder what happened after the events of Street Fighter II, leading up to the events of Street Fighter IV? A new anime trailer details just some of those instances, focusing mostly on Chun Li and Guile, and their thighs and hair respectively.

Personally, the art style for the upcoming SF IV is really intriguing to me, and I’m pretty interested in the game itself as well. SF II was the last fighting game that I was really into, and I’m wondering if the new game can renew my interests in the genre at all. What about you guys? Interested in SF IV? Fighting games in general?

Who Needs Friends When You’ve Got Games Lists (And Games)?!

The holidays are upon us!  Ah, yes, it is that wonderful (and sad) time of the year when games ruin your social life and empty your bank account.  Don’t get me wrong, I for one am in favor of not having real friends!  This allows me time to visit my virtual friends, in their virtual worlds, with their virtual stuff.

Therefore, I have compiled a couple Top Ten Most Wanted Games lists for you, the viewing public.  When the complaints start piling up and my alleged friends yell at me because I didn’t get X done or failed to hang out with so and so, it will mostly like be the fault of one of these gems.

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