Poll: Most Anticipated May Release?

Well, we are starting to get closer to E3, where the game releases slow down even more. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few heavy hitters coming our way in the month of May. And by heavy hitters, I mean Diablo III. I’ve not heard much about this game, so that means it probably won’t sell well. I sure hope whoever the developer and publisher are survive the losses they are sure to take by releasing this game (Sarcasm, do not email me).

Making its return to our lives is Max Payne. The brooding, noir-y 3rd person shooter, now in the care of Rockstar (perhaps you’ve heard of them?) makes its debut this generation. After Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption success, many are curious as to whether they can work the same magic on Max Payne. It can’t be worse than the movie, right? Personally, I am sitting all of these games out this month. I am still working on Xenoblade Chronicles and as tempting as Diablo III, my PC can barely run Farmville right now. But enough about me…what’s on your radar?

Most Anticipated May Release?

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