Anthony’s Top Ten Games of 2015

Better late than never right?

I always wait to finish playing the games from 2015 that I plan on playing, which means I have to wait til after Christmas since I always save a few games to get as gifts. But now I am done and ready to unleash my list, so without further ado, here are my top ten games of 2015: Continue reading Anthony’s Top Ten Games of 2015

Star Wars Battlefront is Gorgeous Fan Service, But Not Much Else

Ever since EA and Disney announced their partnership to bring more Star Wars games to the market a Battlefront reboot helmed by DICE, the developers of the Battlefield series, was inevitable. The pre-release material showed us all the right stuff: gorgeously rendered Stormtroopers and Rebels mixing it up in iconic locations with tantalizing glimpses at the famous heroes, villains and starships thrown in for good measure. Now that Battlefront has been out for a while, how has this seemingly killer formula measured up?

There’s no getting around it: Star Wars Battlefront is quite possibly the best looking and sounding game I’ve ever played. With no last-gen version to hold it back, DICE went all out on recreating assets from the original trilogy down to the smallest scratch of paint on the X-Wings. DICE leaned heavily into their location research and promotional shots of the material they got from LucasArts as part of their marketing and their dedication to capturing the look and feel of the first three movies paid dividends. Continue reading Star Wars Battlefront is Gorgeous Fan Service, But Not Much Else

Pandemic Studios Shutting Down

Even though two (hopefully) awesome games are getting released today, not all things are smiles and sunshine in the game industry. Pandemic Studios, notable for the Mercenaries, Star Wars: Battlefront and Full Spectrum Warrior series, has shut their doors today, folding core staff into EA’s Los Angeles Studio and letting go over 200 people.

It’s a real shame that this developer is being disbanded even though its original IPs are going to live on under a full EA brand. Because Pandemic released several average, some would say disappointing, games over the past few years, this isn’t really that big of a surprise. Perhaps the biggest blow to the studio was the cancellation of the Dark Knight game, which was apparently such a mess that it wouldn’t even be released close to the DVD premier of the movie.

The last title to come from the developer will be The Saboteur, a 1940s underground resistance game. With the closure of the studio, I thought it would be appropriate to have a remembrance of sorts. Share your thoughts on your favorite Pandemic games, or postulate on what this means for other smaller studios that are under the umbrella of an EA or an Activision.

Personally, my favorite game from Pandemic is the original Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. That game was really ahead of its time when it came out, and I played the hell out of it. What about you guys?

Source: Kotaku