EA Opens Star Wars-Focused DICE LA Studio


Last week’s revelation that EA had acquired the exclusive rights from Disney to develop new Star Wars games was only the first drop in what is likely to be a slow trickle as new information slowly comes to light. Today, our Bothan spies have returned with more news regarding EA’s intentions towards the fabled franchise.

As reported last week, Bioware, DICE and Visceral are the 3 EA studios being granted first crack at the galaxy far, far away. Of those 3 though, it appears DICE is the flyboy who gets to go into the garbage chute first. EA just opened DICE LA (no, my caps lock is not stuck) in, you guessed it, Los Angeles. The studio will be “a key cog” in its Star Wars plans and is located very close to Activision, with a clear purpose: Continue reading EA Opens Star Wars-Focused DICE LA Studio

Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 3 Footage

Some footage from an internal meetnig at Free Radical has made its way to the intertubes today, given the company’s recent shut-down. In it? Gameplay videos from Star Wars Battlefront 3. Even from the grainy footage, you can tell that this game was going to be a blast.

It’s sad, really. Let’s hope this thing finds a way to get released. It looks fun!

The Star Wars Battlefront III That Could Have Been

battlefrontI loved me some Star Wars: Battlefront II. Seriously. I played the junk out of that game online with some friends of mine. We would often just square off against an army of bots, playing as heroes, grunts and whatever else held our fancy to enjoy us some killing, Star Wars style. I think it’s one of my favorite games of last gen, and have been dying for a sequel.

Well, apparently, Free Radical was working on one. I say was with such emphasis because Free Radical just closed up shop in the last couple of weeks. The game has now passed on to Rebellion, so it’s still making its rounds, but recently some SW Battlefront III screenshots have made their way to the intertubes of some of the models being worked on. Granted, these are Free Radical’s designs and are from a year or so ago, but I find it pretty interesting.

Check them out, as some of them are rather fancy. Did any of you guys play Star Wars Battlefront at all? Thoughts?

Source- Kotaku