Star Wars Arcade Turns Your iPhone Into the Millennium Falcon

I recently picked up an iPhone 4 and I’ve been loving the junk out of it. Most of my time is divided between Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies and I’m kind of surprised at how versatile a gaming platform the device is (I guess it’s also a phone too, or something). I’ve been keeping my eye out for unique or bad-ass iPhone games, and Star Wars Arcade fits the bill perfectly. It uses your iPhone’s camera to produce the background and it throws waves of TIE Fighters at you, superimposed over whatever your phone is looking at.

That looks pretty awesome, and I for one can’t wait to shoot down the minions of the Empire while I’m on the can. IPhone gaming is starting to really take off, so how many of you are taking the plunge? Anyone going to pick this up when it hits the app store later this month?