A Retrospective on Square’s Final Fantasy Roots

And we’re back. Over the next week or so, you’ll see us returning to our old form and regular posting schedule. So let’s get to chatting about cool video game stuff.

Many of you know of my love for the Final Fantasy series. Although it’s not quite as intense as a certain other GamerSushi contributor, I do consider the series formational as a part of my youth, and really helped me explore my love of story, characters and all things fantastic.

That’s why I was excited to see a new documentary focusing entirely on the beginning of the Final Fantasy series, and Square’s roots as a company. It’s a really interesting look at gaming as it was a few decades back, and how RPGs first entered the scene. Even if you don’t love FF, I’d definitely recommend a look at some of its founders.

Compare the Final Fantasy 13 Voices

One thing that shocks me about the video game industry is that to this day, voiceovers for Japanese games ported to America are generally awful. I’m playing through Star Ocean: The Last Hope right now and it is guilty of said sin. However, I must say that Final Fantasy XII for the PS2 offered one of the best voiceover dubs I had heard in years. If this video is indication, it looks like we’ll be able to say the same about Final Fantasy XIII. So what do you guys think?

Final Fantasy Ad Infinitum

One thing that I hear non-gamers joke about constantly is the name “Final Fantasy”. They always laugh and think themselves very clever as they declare “Final Fantasy what? Guess it wasn’t the final one! Bwa ha!” And then they chortle more and eat ham or something.

But in the end, as clearly as they don’t get it, it does beg the interesting question: just how far are those crazy Square Enix kids going to milk this franchise? Surely, there’s got to be a point where you say “enough is enough”. Not so, according to producer Shinji Hashimoto.

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Square Enix Goes Mad With Power

In a shockingly ironic turn of events, Square Enix has become a corporation bent on raping the planet of its natural resources, draining valuable mako directly from the Earth’s surface. Oh wait, that last bit isn’t true, but somebody at Square Enix is smoking something, and I want in.

This might be an unprecedented move, but it seems Squenix is thinking about charging for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII demo, which was set to appear packaged with the Blu Ray version of Advent Children Complete for free. The 90 minute long demo might end up being sold separately from the film after it comes out.

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Virtual Console Gets Super Mario RPG

So I might have a reason to get the Wii going again. Let me sidestep the crude joke you were no doubt going to insert into that thought and say that Super Mario RPG has landed on the Virtual Console as of Labor Day. That’s yesterday, if you are too lazy to look at a calendar.

Super Mario RPG is no doubt one of the finest games I have ever played, so this news thrills me like no other. It’s a great combination of platforming and RPG tropes, and at the time of its release, I had never really played another game like it.

Do yourself a favor and get it, for the love of things holy and bright. How many of you have played this game before? Thoughts?