More Top 10 Lists: Pirated Games of 2008

Hey, EA, quick question: How’s that Spore DRM working out for you guys in piracy land? Oh, the DRM is very effective to stop all those dirty pirates, you say?

Well, other sources are saying something different. According to TorrentFreak, here are the top 10 most pirated games of 2008:

1. Spore / 1,700,000 / Sept. 2008
2. The Sims 2 | 1,150,000 | Sept. 2004
3. Assassins Creed | 1,070,000 | Nov. 2007
4. Crysis / 940,000 | Nov. 2007
5. Command & Conquer 3 | 860,000 | Mar. 2007
6. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare | 830,000 | Nov. 2007
7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | 740,000 | Jun. 2005
8. Fallout 3 | 645,000 | Oct. 2008
9. Far Cry 2 | 585,000 | Oct. 2008
10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 | 470,000 | Oct. 2008

I know how we all love to talk about top 10 lists, so sink your teeth into that one. Curious that several EA games are on there, despite the DRM. You know which top PC gaming company doesn’t have any on that list? Valve. I guess if you don’t handicap your users when you give them a game, they’re more inclined to actually pay for the damn thing.

Source- TorrentFreak

Creative Expressions on Spore

We all know that people have been quite upset about Spore’s DRM debacle, which limits user ownership of the game and only allows one account per PC. It’s definitely somethings that’s ticked off the game’s users, and it doesn’t sound like EA is going to relent at any point in the future.

How have people expressed this? Well, apparently, Spore is capable of producing more than just genitalia monsters, as gamers have started to make creatures that proudly show off displeasure at the DRM.

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Spore, EA and Castration

In a move that can only be described as completely moronic (or evil, depending on your view, really), EA has essentially crippled Spore with a horrendous DRM. It is basically rewarding its customers the way a totalitarian regime might reward people who steal food: Chopping dicks.

Why EA would do this on the heels of the whole Mass Effect PC clusterflub when that game was released on PC is completely beyond me, and many other consumers for that matter.

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