Who’s Watching the VGA’s?

Spike Video Game Awards 2010Friends, gamers, dudes, etc – did you know that the 2010 Video Game Awards are on tonight? They’ll be airing twice in a row on Spike, so that you can catch all of the video games in their televised glory.

Honestly, I’m not always that excited about the VGA’s, but this year rumors abound with all of the potential reveals and game announcements. For one, we’ll get to see the first glimpses of Unchated 3, as well as Batman: Arkham City. And if the rumors hold true, Mass Effect 3. I’m hoping the show itself isn’t mega lame, but I’m willing to bear with it if it means that we get to see all kinds of crazy trailers and announcements for games we didn’t know about previously.

And in addition to all of that, there will be that whole “awards” thing, where different games get honored for their achievements. If you haven’t seen the full list, we’ve got it posted here, so be sure to check that out and make your early predictions.

If you’re hankering for even more VGA talk, our podcast is going to drop tomorrow, and this week’s edition is all about our VGA predictions, so you can check if we’re right.

So, who’s actually going to be watching this, and what games are you hoping to see? Which ones do you want to win? Go!

Tons of Premiers at Spike’s VGAs

Spike’s Video Game Awards were last night, and for the most part I think the accolades handed out were fairly accurate. Besides doling out some weird monkey statues, the VGAs also played host to a smattering of game announcements from the obvious (Halo: REACH), to the puzzling (Green Day: Rockband), and finally to the completely mind-blowing. If you missed the first few minutes of the awards show like I did, you may have missed this trailer. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so take a gander.

What did you guys think of the awards show, and, more specifically, what did you think of the premiers and the winners? Hit the jump for a couple more trailers.
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