The GamerSushi Show, Ep 52: Kick Reason to the Curb

the gamersushi show episode 52

Alright guys, we are finally releasing Episode 52, which gives a couple hints as to just how obsessed some of us are with Gurren Lagann. Like the teaser for this post says, this cast wraps up season 2 of The GamerSushi Show so we can take the dead news season off and come back swinging in September.

In this finale we talk about Sony nabbing Gaikai and what that could mean for gaming. We also discuss the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut and how we feel about it and then we talk about good old Peter Molyneux and his thoughts on the never-ending dev cycle. Listen up, rate the podcast, and remember: don’t believe in yourself, believe in the me who believes in you!

0:00 – 5:40 Intro
5:41 – 21:50 Sony acquires Gaikai
21:51 – 34:29 Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut
34:30 – 42:23 Molyneux and the Never Ending Dev Cycle
42:24 – 47:36 Outro