Shut Up Already! Gaming’s Most Annoying Sidekicks

Video games are supposed to hold your attention for hours on end, whether that is with engaging characters, superior game-play elements or what have you. Sometimes, though, you have to puzzle at the sheer stupidity of making a sidekick who is the most annoying person (or thing) that has ever grated your patience. Here’s a list of the top five sidekicks that make me want to beat the game designer to death with a rusty spoon:

5. Kreia: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lordskreia   title=

Nothing is more irritating than a character that finds fault with everything that you do, which is why Kreia comes in at number five. Whether you’re a goody two-shoes Jedi or a completely evil baby-stealing innocent-killing Sith, Kreia always has a few words to say about your choices during the game. Despite the fact that she herself is a Sith, any dark side choices you make are wrong from her point of view. Talk about nagging.
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Sonic Unleashed Equals Do Want

So for a bit now, I’ve had my eye on Sonic Unleashed. One thing that I love about old-school gaming that seemed to die out was the idea of 2 1/2 D, which is my favorite D of all. Last week, a new trailer for the return-to-roots Sonic appeared, and I have to say, I think it looks incredible. It seems to have the right mix of challenge and speed that made Sonic such an appealing franchise.

Your thoughts?