Spooky Games To Play In The Dark

Resident Evil 4

The witching hour is almost upon us, ghouls. Halloween is just around the corner and I have to say, it’s one of my favorite days of the year. All the girls dress up in their most revealing outfits and all the people like me try to think of the costume that will involve the least amount of money/work. But not everyone is into dressing up and I can respect that. Some nights are best spent indoors.

So if you are planning on hiding from the inevitable Lady Gaga barrage that we are likely in for on the 31st, there is hope for you. GamePro concocted The Gamer’s Horror Game Guide, a list which gives you plenty of spooky games to play, no matter what platform you have. Personally, Fear 2 and Bioshock are my creepiest games, although Resident Evil 4 did have some moments that left me pale. I’ve never played Silent Hill, but I’ve heard of it freaking people out.

What games do you play when you want to send chills up your spine? Has any game so unnerved you that you had to stop playing for a while? Are you going to play anything scary on Halloween? Boo!

Source: GamePro