Gamepro’s List of Top 26 RPG’s Of All Time… just released their list of the 26 Best RPGs and like every list, this one seems destined to start up some controversey. And I am happy to oblige. No LARP’s allowed!

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Top 5: Video Game Binges

As you well know, the holiday season is looming, teasing us with its glowing goodness and promise of days off of work and school alike. However, there’s one other thing that the holidays bring to us every year, lumbering towards us like great Godzilla-monsters ready to trample our social lives to ruin: video games.

Sometimes, in these awesome and terrible times with nothing but free time and a pile of gaming to get through, we do things we are not altogether proud of: We binge. It’s like that inner beast takes over, a beast that isn’t satiated until we finish those games. You know what I’m talking about.

I bring you several instances where this happened in my life. Here are my top 5 video game binges:

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