Introducing: GamerSushi Reviews Page

premiereWell, aren’t we fancy? We just keep adding these features, don’t we? Soon, you’ll all revolt, longing to go back to the “GamerSushi that was”…

But until then, enjoy the brand spanking new GamerSushi Reviews page, which compiles all of our reviews in an easy-to-browse manner. This should hopefully be helpful in the future as we continue to add more games. Much thanks to JJ, who really killed it with putting the layout together.

In terms of more functionality and updating, we’ve got more stuff we’re working on for the near future with GamerSushi. Any other features you would love to see on this site? What do you think of the review page? Go!

GamerSushi Asks: Suggested Reviews?

Hello fellow gamers. Got a question for you dudes.

Recently, someone brought up on a review that we only tend to review blockbuster titles that almost always get the same kind of scores. While it must be noted that we are just some regular guys that aren’t going to waste our time with games that will get lower scores, we do feel that this was a solid issue worth discussing at a later time.

To be honest, we don’t always think about all of our options available to us for reviews. So we wanted to ask you guys and get some opinions- what other games do you want to see reviewed, besides some of the bigger titles like Uncharted 2, Forza 3, etc? Feel free to suggest anything that you’ve been wanting to know more about. We can’t promise that we’ll get to all of them, but we’ll definitely broaden our horizons and try to hit on some upcoming games that you guys are curious about. Fire away!

Spore Not Perfect, Internet Poops Bricks

Sometimes, the Internet’s view of game reviews really just drives me crazy. And not just normal crazy, but bat-crap-freaking-loco.  Take this news, for instance, that Spore is getting less than stellar reviews out of Europe. In fact, some media outlets like German mag PC Games are going as low as an appalling score of 73%. Out of 100, even!

The sky isn’t just falling. Bitch done collapsed.

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