Prince of Persia DLC Gives Game a Proper Ending

popI’m not sure how many of you played Prince of Persia, but I’m going to give the tiniest of spoilers here, so watch out. While I won’t go into much detail, there really isn’t a true ending to the game, as everything you worked hard to do is essentially undone in the game’s “resolution”. Many people were upset about this, though I guess a few got into it and found it artsy and well done.

However, Ubisoft is going to rectify this with a DLC Epilogue that continues the events of the story, gives some new costumes and even a new power. Personally, I find this to be a little disgusting. Don’t just cut your game off short to give the real ending away for 20 bucks at a later date. I can’t stand the lengths these developers are going to nickel and dime us to death. Or technically, 10 and 20 dollar us to death, to quote Penny Arcade.

So what do you guys think? Fair or foul?

Source- IGN