The Eternal War: A Look at the Repeating Console Cycle

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I’ve been reading Console Wars, a new book by Blake J. Harris that chronicles the rise of Sega during the 90’s. It’s a delightful book, full of endlessly fascinating details, such as how Target’s lenient return policy allowed customers to return years-old NES’s in order to get credit towards a SNES. Needless to say, this didn’t sit well with Nintendo and it led to Target pulling Nintendo products from the stores for a time. I lived through this era and reading the behind the scenes drama that went on has been very enjoyable. My nostalgia bones are all tingling right now. Continue reading The Eternal War: A Look at the Repeating Console Cycle

Top 50 Worst Video Game Voiceovers

Not sure how many of you guys have seen/heard these, but I thought I’d post them here because they rule. Over the years, we’ve heard our share of pretty horrendous video game voice acting. Well, how about checking them out when they’re all compiled together, nice and friendly like?

Yup, it’s the 50 Worst Video Game Voiceovers of all time, and they kind of slay me with karate chops made of humor. Interestingly enough, many of them are from the Playstation, but that makes since, seeing as how it was the first console where voiceover became the norm. I think my favorite is number 5. “I like girls. But now- it’s about justice.”

PAX: That PS Triple

Get your envy sticks out, because I’m all set and ready to leave for PAX this weekend. While Microsoft has already revealed their lineup for the Expo (and it’s quite good), I’ve still been curious to see what Sony is going to have ready for the throng of gamers like myself.

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