Vanquish Video Shows How War Has Been Accelerated

The more I see of Vanquish, the more interested I get. While it does partly look like a very white Gears of War, it also throws in a few things to mix it up, like a heightened sense of speed in close combat or a morphing gun arm. While none of those conventions are new per se, mixing them all together may make for one tasty gameplay gumbo…or a mangled casserole of failure. Vanquish has a new trailer highlighting the A.R.S. Battle Suit (because what else would you use it for?), the same one you’ll be manning when the game drops on October 19th.

So there you have it folks, possibly the last of the Vanquish trailers we’ll see before next Tuesday. Call me crazy, but I think I might be sold on this game. The one thing that concerns me is how busy the game looks when everything is going all at once, but I guess I’ll find out how it shakes down soon enough.

New Vanquish Trailer is a Blur of Gunfights and Mech Punching

Platinum Games, the same people behind the sleeper-hit Bayonetta, are coming at us again with a new game to be released later this year called Vanquish. I’m not sure if we’ve ever mentioned this game before, but the basic premise is you’re a man in a super suit sent to fight Russians in space. I’m pretty sure the McGuffin of the game will be an EMP device because that’s how things seem to be going these days. A new trailer came online recently, and it does a great job of showcasing the game’s frenetic cover-to-close-quarters combat. The game seems to play like a cross between Gears of War and Devil May Cry, so if that piques your interest, give the trailer a watch.

One thing’s for sure, Steve Blum must be very tired after recording every single male voice in the game. What do you guys think? Does this look like your kind of game? Let us know in the comments.

SEGA Admits Mistake in Putting MadWorld on the Wii

madworldAh, the Wii. No other console in the history of gaming has done more to both bring together and tear apart the masses. While it is introducing a whole new generation of people to the joys of our hobby, the reception to Nintendo’s little white juggernaut by the enthusiast gamers has been nothing short of underwhelming.

Last year’s MadWorld, a black-and-white blood bath death match by Bayonetta creators Platinum Games, is a great example of the divide between the game’s target audience and the people who actually own a Wii. No one knows this better than Mike Hayes, President and COO of SEGA Europe, who recently commented that putting MadWorld on the Wii was a bit of a “mismatch”. He went on to elaborate why he thought that, in hindsight, MadWorld should have been a 360, PC or PS3 title.

“Clearly that was a mismatch with the Wii audience — particularly in terms of the amount of cross-ownership between Wii and the other home platforms. If you’re going to play a mature-rated game, you’re going to get your 360, PC or PS3 out to do so. But you can’t knock us for having a go.”

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