Posthumous Mercenaries Video Becomes Real Game

When Pandemic Studios closed a while back, some information accompanied the closure regarding the future of Pandemic’s intellectual properties, including the open-world destruct-a-thon Mercenaries. The official press release stated that these brands would live on under EA, and it looks like they’re making good on their promise. A video leaked this morning of some gameplay for Mercenaries. Inc, a “multi-player sandbox title” that had apparently been in development for some time. This video is a couple months old, mind you, but it shows classic Mercenaries action, just with a multi-player twist.

The game was announced officially in the wake of the video via Pandemic’s official forum. How does it look to you guys? Admittedly the last Mercenaries game wasn’t that great, but it did shine in co-op. If they could just remove that damn tether, I still have enough good will left for this series to give it a go.

Mercenary Stunt-Off

While I never played the original Mercenaries game, I found the idea terribly appealing, since I’m a lover of all things open world-ish but also causing general mayhem. It seemed to be right up my alley. Needless to say, I’ve been very tempted by Mercenaries 2, which just recently saw the light of day at local retailers.

This new stunt video is making my mouth water. Do want. Did any of you guys play the original? Have you played the sequel yet?