Game Industry Pros Want More Micro-Transactions

horse-armorLet me put on my shocked face. The subtitle to this story should be “And Nobody is Surprised”. Or better yet, “And Gamers Cried Out in Agony”. Just in case you were wondering, I mean.

According to a recent survey, when asked about the most impactful areas of the industry, it seems that video game professionals are the most excited about the future of micro transactions, with 66 percent of those questioned choosing that as their first option. So basically, they chose to take more of our money, but just in smaller bite sized chunks? I’m overjoyed.

While I understand that this is where everything’s heading, I just wish that game makers would stop planning and finishing all of their damn DLC before the game’s even out, and just release great games that are worth every single penny. Don’t go nuts over my additional $10 bucks until you’ve earned the first $60, please.

What do you guys think? Are you bothered by the ever-growing trend of micro-transactions, or are you ok with them?

Source- Game Industry Biz