Top 20 Most Played Wii Games List Has a New Challenger

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Being a nerd and a dude that both writes and studies numbers for my job, I suppose you could say I like statistics. While any marketing company can spin you a tale about how their games are being played online every day, it’s numbers that tell the true story, and without any of the other word garbage.

If you have the Nintendo Channel downloaded on your Wii, Nintendo has made a great deal of data available including charts and graphs and other fancy things to show fans which of their games average the most play time per user. This data is pulled from users who share their data with Nintendo via the Wii, and it figures out what users play and for how long. Each month, Kotaku pulls these 20 most loved Wii games for nerds like you and I to take a gander at.

This month’s edition of the statistics reveal a few interesting things, including the fact that Super Smash Bros (which averages 78 hours of play time per user) has been de-throned from the number one spot. You might be wondering which game would take down such a lofty title, one that formed some of the most fun I had on the Wii in my short time of owning one. Hit the jump to see the full list! Continue reading Top 20 Most Played Wii Games List Has a New Challenger