GamerSushi Asks: Favorite DS Game?

Dawn of Sorrow

Up until about 2008, one of the many outrageous things that could be heard flying out of my ever-flapping lips was the statement that I thought the Nintendo DS was the best system out, bar none. Yes, that included the consoles. Now, since then, I have revised my opinion, but I can say, without blushing, that I think the DS is the best handheld system of all-time. Why? The games, man!

It always comes down to games and if you aren’t aware of the robust (cliche alert!) library the DS has to offer, fear not. Our friends over at GamePro put together a list (!) compiling the 31 Best DS Games. Although I think they missed the mark by putting Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars at the top spot, the rest of the list is pretty spot on. Personally, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is my all-time favorite, so it’s nice to see that near the top.

What DS games are your favorites? Who here has a DS? Are you happy with the games that have come out for it? Go!

Source: GamePro

Great Moments In Video Game Music: Dragon Quest VIII – Strange World

Yeah, yeah, two Square Enix RPGs in a row, something I have tried not to do. But you have to cut me some slack because Dragon Quest IX comes out on July 11th for the Nintendo DS and I am pumped. By the time most of you hear this one, I will be knee deep in slimes and drakys. So to honor this momentous occasion, here is the main theme of the previous entry in the most popular RPG franchise in Japan (Yes, much more so than even Final Fantasy), Dragon Quest VIII, which was one of the best RPGs for the Playstation 2. Enjoy!


2010 Gaming Resolutions

Every year, New Year’s Resolutions are the big thing to do once January rolls around. People make fake promises to themselves in order to build their self esteem and generally and make them feel better. In general, they hope this mental self flagellation results in them being able to sleep better at night, if in fact it causes any betterment at all in their daily lives.

I’ve only had a very minimal experience with these self imposed restrictions or boundaries, but only this year were they actually a positive thing for my health. However, I wondered what it would be like to pen up a few resolutions that related to video games. Here’s what I came up with:
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GamerSushi Asks: Portable Classics?

ff7I’m flying to Florida this weekend for some much needed vacation, and if there’s one thing I’m not looking forward to its the flight. Being a rather big dude makes flying a completely uncomfortable affair, not to mention that I hate the way flying makes me feel. The one thing that makes the experience more bearable is portable gaming of some kind, be it the PSP or Nintendo DS.

One thing that got me really excited this week was the realization that I could download any number of PS1 classics onto my PS3 and then transfer them over to the PSP. I could play Suikoden, Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy 7 and Metal Gear Solid. The cooler part? I can even copy those save files back onto the PS3 when I get back, and continue the games I started there. This makes me happy.

The idea of playing FF7 and MGS in particular is what really has me stoked, mainly because they are two of my favorite games. This got me thinking. If you guys had a chance to have a handheld and portable version of any of your old school favorite games, what would it be and why? Go!

Review: Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen

dqiv5Before there was Final Fantasy, before there was Mass Effect, there was Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior previously). Dragon Quest was the RPG that focused on gameplay, grinding and consistency. It left the cinematics and mind-blowing graphics to other JRPGs, focusing on creating a fun world to explore with awesome monster designs and old-school notions. It’s actually more popular in Japan than Final Fantasy is. Shocking, no?

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen was previously released in the United States in 1992. On the NES. If you were wondering why you never played it, that would be the reason. Sad to say, its also my reason. But now we have the DS release from this past October. Bringing the game into the new century with a few tweaks here and there and updated visuals, this is a must have for any RPG gamer.
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Make Way for the New DS

While lots of rumors and speculations have been swirling about a looming announcement from Nintendo, it seems that someone has finally broken a story. MCV is reporting that tomorrow morning, Nintendo is going to be announcing a brand new and upgraded model of the Nintendo DS.

Apparently, this DS is going to be designed to compete with the PSP, which is kind of rocking the DS in terms of sales recently. While nobody knows all of the additional features, it seems that it’s going to feature both an MP3 player as well as a camera of some kind. Looking forward to seeing more about this tomorrow. Who else is excited about the new DS?

Source- MCV

Sonic Rolls for Initiative

Sonic the Hedgehog was just about one of the best reasons to own a Genesis back in the day, but dude hasn’t aged all too well in the recent years. In fact, he is said to be on street corners, selling his fur and… other… unmentionable services to random passersby.

However, things seem to be on the up and up for our dear spiky blue friend, what with Sonic Unleashed showing off totally retro 2 1/2 D gameplay full of all the Sonis tropes we know and love. And now, there’s the Sonic DS RPG that’s set to hit at the end of this month, produced by none other than developer Bioware.

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Neo-Geo on the DS

I’ve never been one to do much homebrew action. But I know that some people out there are into violating their own electronics like a prison cellmate, so I thought I’d post this guide I came across over at DS Fanboy about playing NeoGeo games on your Nintendo DS through NeoDS.

Metal Slug X and King of Fighters, anyone? You can find the actual guide at RacketBoy. Video demo below.