Nintendo Games Take Half the Software Pie in 2008

nintendoYikes. We all know that the Nintendo Wii and DS are literally just shredding the competition. To pieces. Dominating all challengers. Nintendo, were it a man, would be kicking other companies, were they men, in their nuts, if they had them. And then there would be tears, and possibly gloating.

So, what else can Nintendo tack to its 2008 accomplishments to contribute to the “don’t-mess-with-us-bitch-we-are-Nintendo” swagger? Well, possibly this: Nintendo games made up almost half of all software sales last year. Forty-nine percent of all game sales.

Yes, really. I guess people love that Wii more than that PS Triple and XBox 360 after all. Basically, they sold 132 million games, with 70 million being Wii games.

All I have to say is this: Damn, that’s a lot of games.

Source- Gamasutra