Bayonetta Combat Gameplay Montage

A game we haven’t talked about much here but that is covered elsewhere in copious amounts would have to be Bayonetta. Partly for her boobs and lack of clothing (she sheds it as you perform greater combos), and also because people love those old school action combat games. Me, though, I’ve never been too interested in them. Honestly, Wolverine is one of the first ones I’ve enjoyed after hating Ninja Gaiden, feeling so-so about God of War, “meh” about Devil May Cry, etc.

However, I must say that this Bayonetta combat gameplay video is sick as hell, and looks like lots of fun. Who else is wanting to play this game?

And The Hardest Game Ever Is…

mm9As gamers, we’ve all gone through our own number of difficult ordeals. Whether it’s a boss, a particular area, or just a largely difficult stage, there are those games out there that just seem to give us fits because of the insane amount of skill needed to best them.

It’s funny, I was thinking about this just the other day, and lo and behold, GameDaily shows up with their own list of the hardest games of all time. There are quite a few on there that give me chills just by seeing their titles, and I’m sure you’d agree.

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