GamerSushi Asks: What Are YOUR E3 2010 Predictions?

E3 2010E3 2010 is a mere two weeks away, and the excitement for gaming’s annual gala is building to a fevered pitch. If you listened to our first podcast from a few weeks ago, then you’ll know that we’re all pretty excited about this year’s E3. We offered up a few predictions about what the Big Three are going to be bringing to the table, but we’d love to hear what you guys are thinking about.

Predicting reveals or big surprises is always fun, and once E3 rolls around we’ll collect them in one big post and see who was right on the money and who was way, way off (PS4?). Since you already know what we’ve put our money on, we thought that we’d make a post to let you guys sound off on what you think this year’s big news will be at E3. Gears of War, Move, Natal, a new Zelda? Let us know!

Before you get to speculating, we would just like to mention that the weeks leading up to E3 are usually plagued by rumors, half-truths and damn lies, so don’t expect us to post on every single piece of news that comes out. Most of them are unsubstantiated rumors, but if something huge comes up, we’ll probably let you know about it. Alright, with that out of the way, get to your predicting!

New, Unique Ideas Coming to Next Zelda

Poor Link. He’s gone from 2D to 3D to cel shading to dark and gritty. He’s been all over the place.

Actually, come to think of it, the only thing that’s changed about him since Ocarina of Time is the way he looks. The core of all of the Zelda games has remained unchanged for some time now, but it looks like Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind Link, has implied he wants to rectify this for the next iteration of the franchise.

According to him, something new is coming.

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