Want to Preview the New XBox Experience?

Apparently, some folks are going to get a chance to check out the new XBox Experience a little earlier than others. For those of you who don’t know, the NXE is the dashboard update to the XBox 360, and personally I think it looks really slick as it’s supposed to add some cool new features like streaming Netflix, 8 person chats, etc.

If you want to participate in the early preview, and you have a Windows Live ID, head over to Microsoft Connect and sign up, then head straight to the New XBox Experience survey, and answer the questions that they’ve got for you there. If they pick you, they’re supposed to let you know over e-mail. I already signed up tonight, so here’s hoping I get in! Seeing this thing in person at PAX was definitely cool- the videos don’t do it justice.

Go sign up!

Source- Major Nelson

Get Informed About the New Dashboard

Personally, one of the things that shocked (in a good way) me most about the 360 when I bought it was the dashboard. I thought it was such a clever user interface, and it had a nice slick look to it. For me, it changed it into something more than a console, so I’m really excited about the completely revamped interface, coming soon.

For anybody else that’s interested, Gamerscore Blog is now going to be updating each Friday to bring tips and explanations about all the features of the new 360 dashboard.

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