Modern Warfare 3 Massive Info Leak (Spoilers)

MW3 LogoBefore you click on the link I supply, there are spoilers. It ranges from basic information like map numbers, mission locations, to story plot details. That’s your spoiler warning.

It seems Kotaku got its hands on some juicy details of the upcoming third installment to the Modern Warfare series. Details about the game range from the number of multiplayer maps to spoiler details of the storyline itself. The article over at Kotaku’s website reveals a lot about the upcoming game. Some of the non-spoiler details include information such as the game having 20 multiplayer maps, though its unclear if this is before or after DLC map packs. Other information confirms the game will take place where Modern Warfare 2 left off and will consist of multiple locations across the world. The article also includes some early views of the game and a release date: November 8, 2011. A big question to be raised from this leak is whether a leak of this magnitude is acceptable.

This information could be potentially damaging to the game and to its players. For a game franchise that has been very hush hush about its upcoming heavyweight, this plethora of information could spell disaster for the title. With serious competitors like Battlefield 3 looking to take away Modern Warfares crown, this information could hold consequences. Check out the article and tell us what you think. Do you think this information should have been shared to this magnitude? Does this leak dull that excitement or build it up?

Source – Kotaku