PSN Update for 9/11/08

It’s that time of the week again, kids! This week’s PSN update features Jeopardy, which actually looks like a fun online version of the quiz show. I rock when watching it on TV, so it will be mine shortly. Rest of the update after the jump, courtesy of Playstation Blog: Continue reading PSN Update for 9/11/08

PSN Store Update 8/28/08

In the first of what will become a weekly feature, I proudly present to you this week’s new offerings at the PSN Store. One new downloadable game, The Last Guy, which was previewed here earlier this week and a few demos, most notably Soul Caliber IV, which I am anxious to get my hot little hands on. Also, some Warhawk add-on’s which look fine and dandy. Rest of the update after the break:

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