GamerSushi Asks: Most Influential Games in History?

Space Invaders

Every hero has an origin story. Every journey has a first step. Every Bible has a Genesis. And every game made today was influenced by a game made yesterday. But which games are the ones that are truly influential? Sure, even the most average games can have some decent new concepts, but of all the games of yesteryears, which are the ones that today’s hits owe a genuine debt to?

Thankfully, I didn’t have to ponder this myself, (I probably would have said Final Fantasy and leave it at that), but 1Up compiled a list of the 60 Most Influential Games for me. Their criteria for the list is unique and pretty strict, which means they didn’t just pull games out of thin air and add it to the list. Personally, I think you might be surprised by some of the games in the upper echelons, such as Space Invaders coming in at #3.

Take a look and let us know: what games do you think influenced other games the most?

Source: 1UP