Review: Mirror’s Edge

me-1Last year, EA surprised much of the gaming world with several brand new titles that showed innovation and style, opening gamers up to the possibility that the company had turned over a new leaf. One of those titles was Mirror’s Edge, the first person platformer that puts you behind the eyes and in the shoes of Faith, a runner in a future dystopia. She climbs rooftops and leaps across alleys, and you control it all from her point of view.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you turn the game on is the design, the feel of Mirror’s Edge as you play. The city’s rooftops are pristine, clean and vibrant. The camera sways slightly with Faith’s run, and you can hear her breathe from the the strain of diving from platform to platform. Working together, it really does simulate first person in a way that I haven’t experienced before, and it is incredibly immersive.
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Mirror’s Edge DLC Trailer is Trippy and Totally Sweet

Not sure how many of you guys have gotten around to playing Mirror’s Edge, but one of the things that I hear a lot is that despite it being a lot of fun, it’s got some flaws. Namely, having to fight with soldiers as well as other crazy ninja parkour dudes, which is just not everyone’s cup of tea.

There is a new trailer out for the Mirror’s Edge DLC, though, that looks to be all of the fun of the actual game, minus the combat. To me, when I see this, I’m like, dang, I’d pay for a game that was just THIS. What do you guys think?

Mirrors Edge 2D Flash Game Kind of Rules

There’s a new Mirrors Edge 2D flash game out that is actually pretty sweet. It’s a joint project from Brad Borne and EA to bring the Mirrors Edge experience to the browser, and I’m surprised by just how fun it is. You can do a bunch of the normal moves of the game including sliding, jumping, wall kicks, etc.

Even though this is just a one level beta, I’m thoroughly impressed by what’s pulled off. It’s relatively difficult, but I’ve got to say that if the final game is anything like that, I’ll be playing it on my browser, that’s for sure. As for the real game, it’s still on the Gamefly queue. How many of you guys have gotten to play it? Thoughts?

Source- Borne Games