GamerSushi Asks: Where Do You Get Your News, Reviews and Previews?

As much as we might like to imagine it, we here at GamerSushi can’t always supply you guys with reviews of all the latest games or previews of anything that we didn’t download as a demo. And most of our news is culled from other sites, though carefully chosen so you get only the coolest stuff here.

And we aren’t naive enough to think that you don’t visit other sites. It’s okay, we see other people, too. We have a nice open relationship and I think it’s working out for everyone involved. And unlike the ones in college, this sort of open relationship is less likely to cause emotional trauma (Although, watch out for IGN’s Insane-O Ads; those things could slow down Skynet).

So that leaves the question: where do you get your gaming news? What sites or magazines do you trust the most for reviews and previews? Are there any that you refuse to visit, perhaps due to a past experience? Go!

Blu-ray: the 5 Year Countdown

I know that this is the way of technology, but it was still a little shocking to hear Andy Griffiths (go ahead, whistle, you know you want to) of Samsung say that Blu-ray has 5 years left as a viable media format.

Really? All of that warring and hooting and hollering between Toshiba and Sony for what amounts to be 5 years? I guess we get to look forward to another Sony proprietary after that. Joy.

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