When Devs Step Back: LittleBigPlanet


Panic struck the hearts of LittleBigPlanet fans around the net this weekend, as there have been reports that Siobhan Reddy, studio director of Media Molecule, said that the group was “stepping away” from the franchise for a time to focus on new ideas. Naturally, game sites reported this news (which originated from a single tweet) as gospel, but since then there have been updates from Media Molecule which clarify that they are not leaving LBP forever, merely putting it in the backseat temporarily while they break ground on new developments.

All of this is most certainly welcome news (I’ll be happy with anything that MM puts out in the future), it did spring a new question to life that I thought I’d ask you guys. It’s well known these days that game devs’ hands are tied to their popular franchises, which is why we see sequel after nonstop sequel each year. It almost makes me wish that more studios had the freedom to step away like this. I would love to see what Naughty Dog could do besides Uncharted, and I certainly can’t wait to see what Bungie does with its new-found life after Halo.

So now I ask you gents: which devs would you like to see step away from their current hit franchises? What kind of games would you like to see them create? Go!

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Little Big Planet 2 was Delayed to Accommodate Offline PS3s

little big planet 2 delayWhile Little Big Planet 2’s delay late last month was heartbreaking news, it wasn’t without reason. As a large part of LBP2’s uniqueness comes from the building and sharing of custom levels online, this requires your PlayStation 3 to be connected to the Internet. Alas, even in 2010, there are still some out there who don’t hook into the Internet, and by extension, the PlayStation Network. If you’re looking to place the blame on anyone for the game’s delay, look at these troglodytes rather than Media Molecule, the game’s developer.

Alex Evans, the head honcho over at MM, spoke to the news barons at VG247 regarding the delay of Little Big Planet 2 and why the studio thought it was necessary:

“Like LittleBigPlanet, we will be supporting the game with patches, updates and whatever, but you have to realize right from the beginning that there are those people who don’t have online and that is why we decided it was the right decision to delay the game. We respect people don’t have online and don’t want to patch their game to get the full experience. We could have shipped it and it would have been fine, however we realized that with just a couple of extra week’s we could make the game super amazing, adding the super onto the already amazing which exists today. This is something that will live forever and the delay, people will forget about. I’m really sorry the delay frustrated people, even us, I mean I really wanted to get this game out for Christmas so hard. We pushed ourselves but realized with just a few more weeks we could make it perfect.”

So there you have it people, Little Big Planet 2 was delayed so even your average person can get the full experience. It seems to me that those most interested in LBP2 would have their PS3s connected anyways because they’re aware of the game’s full suite of features, but I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s nice the Media Molecule are being so candid about the delay, which reminds me just how upstanding the studio really is. Part of his quote makes him sound like he resents offline folk, but again that might be me. What do you guys think of the delay? Legitimate, or should those guilty PS3 owners join us in the year 2006? The game is due to come out early 2011.

Source: VG247

Little Big Planet 2 Trailer!

Well, we all knew it was coming. Like any major videogame developer, Media Molecule is returning to the well of riches that was Little Big Planet, and unveiling a sequel to the hit PS3 game. The new Little Big Planet 2 trailer is full of tons of fun stuff, and great hints towards even more ambitious level design than the first game. It looks like players can create cooler stuff than the original, including creatures with their own AI as well as different modes. Rumor has it that someone has already created an RTS with it over at Media Molecule.

Can’t wait to see more from this. Thoughts?


New Little Big Planet Levels And More

I just started digging into User Created levels last night and after about 5 minutes, I was frantically calling Eddy to tell him how awesome it all was. Well, the good news doesn’t end there as Gamepro.com is reporting that Sony has confirmed that Media Molecule will be adding new levels and more as DLC.

Eric Fong says,

Yes, Media Molecule is continuing to add to the player experience with new levels, costumes, materials, and a host of other content.

I love what I have played so far and I look forward to more goodness from the MM crew. Have you guys played this yet?


Source- Gamepro

Little Big Planet’s Little Book

I know, I’m kind of a whore for any Little Big Planet info, but when we all get honest with ourselves, we want a little plush Sackboy to take with us everywhere. That’s normal… right?

Well, regardless of my odd obsessions, it seems that the manual for the game is already on the web at SCEA and available for your perusal. Pardon me while I print it out and read it cover to cover.

Little Big Planet Manual

Work With Sackboy

Think you’ve got what it takes to work with Media Molecule, the minds behind Sony’s new and way-too-cute game Little Big Planet? It seems that the team that created Sackboy will be watching the community for up-and-coming map and level designers, as a big piece of the game’s appeal is going to be all of the user-created content that will grace PSN once it hits.

Why would they be watching, specifically? To give you a job. That’s just how they roll.

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