Maxis Adds Offline Mode to SimCity, But is it Too Late?

simcity offline mode

In the weeks and months after release, EA and Maxis told SimCity customers that an offline version of the game was not a possibility, due to the way the cities were designed to work with one another in a region. Modders quickly cracked that notion wide open, but the developer didn’t say a peep about an offline mode until late last year.

Now, in a sudden reversal, SimCity will finally be available to play offline. Offline mode will be available in Update 10, which is free for all SimCity owners. Since this is coming nearly a year after release, is this a wasted gesture? Sure, offline mode is a nice add but SimCity still has a lot of the problems that plagued it on day one and I’m not sure that offline mode will get disillusioned purchasers back into the game. What do you guys think? Is this enough to get jaded gamers back into SimCity, or is it too little too late?

Is SimCity's Offline Mode Too Little Too Late?

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Top 10 PC Developers?

starcraftEven though I don’t do too much PC gaming these days, some of my favorite titles of all time have been played via keyboard and a mouse. Warcraft III, The Sims, Counter-Strike: Source, Battlefield 2 and many other games easily top the list of great titles, and I never would have had them without my trusty PC. Well what about the folks that made those games?

ZTGD has put together a list of the top 10 PC game developers of all time, and while the list isn’t all that surprising, it really is cool to go back and reminisce on gaming days of old. These developers really have brought a lot to gaming, particularly folks like Valve, Blizzard and Id.

So who made the number one? Go check it out and see. Also, who is your favorite PC game developer of all time? Do you agree/disagree with this list?

Source- ZTGD

Spore Not Perfect, Internet Poops Bricks

Sometimes, the Internet’s view of game reviews really just drives me crazy. And not just normal crazy, but bat-crap-freaking-loco.  Take this news, for instance, that Spore is getting less than stellar reviews out of Europe. In fact, some media outlets like German mag PC Games are going as low as an appalling score of 73%. Out of 100, even!

The sky isn’t just falling. Bitch done collapsed.

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