The Mass Effect 2 Wish List

Christmas is the time of year for wish lists. It’s often fun to ruminate on the things you’d like the most, put them all down, and hope that perhaps, you’ll get all those things you desire. This is no different for video games, particularly when we start talking about sequels.

The guys over at AtomicGamer have done just that in regards to Mass Effect 2, creating a wish list for the things that they would like to see in the follow-up to Bioware’s sprawling space opera RPG. The list includes all kinds of goodies like more alien races, visiting alien home planets, more tactical combat, unique weaponry, less linear storytelling and then some.

Personally, I’d love to see more consequences for the things that you choose in the game, as well as better sidequests with more variety. I simply loved the dialogue points, and I’d like to have even more to do and more people to interact with in such a brilliantly sculpted universe. What about you guys? What do you want to see from Mass Effect 2?

Source- AtomicGamer