NBC’s Life Trolls Video Gamers

There’s a video making its rounds on the Internet right now from a TV show called “Life”, a police procedural about a detective who was sent to jail for a crime he didn’t commit, that centers around an incredibly off-base interpretation of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones and video games in general. While the video shows many falsehoods based around the game itself, perhaps the most egregious offense it makes is the depiction of gamers as 30-somethings who live with their moms and have Captain Kirk outfits. Seriously, watch this and try not to have an aneurysm.

Have you ever owned a game so hard it spits out spreadsheets of your drug deals? I know I haven’t. I know this is a TV show, but come on people, there’s no way you could get away with being this off base with anything else besides video games. If you want to see a blow-by-blow of what Life did wrong, check out the post on Geekosystem, where the author clearly had a bit of nerd-rage. Any opinion on this most egregious interpretation of our hobby? It’s almost as insulting as the Video Game Awards. Fire away!