GamerSushi Asks: Favorite Multiplayer Modes?

halo3ctfAfter playing Left 4 Dead versus like an addict for the last couple of months, I’ve started thinking about what makes it so fun. I mean, it’s not all that different from a game like Halo or Gears of War, right? At its core, it’s still just one team versus another team, so why am I enjoying it like crazy?

To be honest, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it is, in fact, different. While most games rely on the “kill-or-be-killed” mentality, Left 4 Dead, even in versus mode, is a co-operative beast.
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GamerSushi Asks: Getting Robbed Online?

onlineWe all know the feeling. Placing the crosshairs on an enemy forehead, only to not score the kill. Getting assassinated from the front in Halo 3. Feeling like your head must be the size of a balloon in the rival teams’ sniper scopes. Experiencing these things online can be frustrating.

Just this evening, I was playing a match of versus in Left 4 Dead. We were on Blood Harvest, stage 4, the portion that ends with the long bridge to the caboose that acts as a safe room. As the zombies, we had weakened the team significantly, waiting for that home stretch when the tank would spawn on their final run. And that would be the end of it. Or rather, it should have been.

You see, even though they got a tank when they were zombies, we didn’t get a tank during our round. So, all 4 survivors ran, barely alive, down the bridge and to safety, putting them out of reach for the game. We got robbed.

I’m sure these kinds of things happen to you dudes game online too, no matter what the game is (though mine seem mostly to be in Halo 3). What are some of your worst “we got robbed” stories from online multiplayer? Answer away!

First Person Zombies in Left 4 Dead

To me, one of the cool aspects that hasn’t been talked about in Left 4 Dead is the “Director”, an AI system that creates encounters for you as the game goes, meaning no 2 single-player (or co-op) playthroughs might be the same.

In versus mode, this changes. You play as a zombie, which makes you the “Director”, designing the campaign experience for your friends, in a sense.  You can even call other zombies to your aid to battle your human foes. A new video interview has appeared on the webz, highlighting some of these features.