Left 4 Dead Demo Impressions

As many of us know, the Left 4 Dead demo dropped on XBox Live as well as Steam yesterday, sending gamers into a frenzy much akin to the virtual undead hordes that awaited bullet-pummeling. After a bit of a download time, I managed to nab the demo myself over XBL for the 360, and I couldn’t wait to get into my first game.

The thing that was curious to me from the menus and even once the game started was how much it felt like a game that belonged on the PC rather than the 360. Something about the controls, the HUD, the interface, everything about it screamed PC at me. Even hooking up with a party didn’t feel completely intuitive, though after a bit the matter was settled. So how was the gameplay?

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Crazy Impressions of Left 4 Dead

The more I see out of Left 4 Dead, the more I want it like a baseball player needs his next inject. All of the modes of play, the co-op, the hordes of scrambling frothing undead, it all just looks like pure entertainment to me.

That being said, it was cool to read some Left 4 Dead impressions from Rock, Paper, Shotgun today. They go pretty in depth about their experience after delving into the game for several hours, and play through the game on a high difficulty setting.

To me, one of the coolest things is the need for teamwork, the way the “Director” AI makes the game different each time you play it, and the sheer numbers of the zombies. Seriously, they said they killed over 11,000 in their playtime. No lie. Go give it a read if you’re interested in this game!

Source- Rock Paper Shotgun