Wow, the possibilities just seem endless when I look at LittleBigPlanet. Take this new video, for instance, where a student re-created a Colossus from Shadow of the Colossus in LBP as a level. When I see stuff like this, it makes me both tingle with excitement and ashamed of my own lack of creativity.

Little Big Planet’s Little Book

I know, I’m kind of a whore for any Little Big Planet info, but when we all get honest with ourselves, we want a little plush Sackboy to take with us everywhere. That’s normal… right?

Well, regardless of my odd obsessions, it seems that the manual for the game is already on the web at SCEA and available for your perusal. Pardon me while I print it out and read it cover to cover.

Little Big Planet Manual

Work With Sackboy

Think you’ve got what it takes to work with Media Molecule, the minds behind Sony’s new and way-too-cute game Little Big Planet? It seems that the team that created Sackboy will be watching the community for up-and-coming map and level designers, as a big piece of the game’s appeal is going to be all of the user-created content that will grace PSN once it hits.

Why would they be watching, specifically? To give you a job. That’s just how they roll.

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