Left 4 Dead DLC Soon?

left4deadLeft 4 Dead, how I miss thee. I’m in Tampa right now and it’s been almost a week since I’ve been able to slaughter hordes of the undead with my all-powerful assault rifle or pump-action shotgun. Soon though. Soon I’ll return to ridding the earth of these vile minions. And who knows, maybe something new will be waiting for me.

According to Valve writer Chet Faliszek (dude bra), some DLC is coming out for L4D pretty soon. Nothing too definite, but it does sound like it might contain some new “scenarios”, which I take to mean new campaigns. Which is kind of awesome. The SDK for the PC should be out at some point as well.

Unfortunately for those of us silly enough to own this game on the 360, the DLC is going to cost some money, while PC users get it for free. I think it’s totally ridiculous that MS insists on charging for ALL DLC that they release, even if the PC counterparts get them for free. It makes no sense at all to me, especially since I pay a subscription to XBL already.

So, who’s excited about more L4D?

Source- Shacknews