Hideo Kojima’s “Top 15 Films” List is For Dudes

kojimaBesides whatever narcotics he puts into his system to give him wild visions and convoluted storylines, Hideo Kojima is inspired primarily by movies. I mean, the fact that nobody told him that Metal Gear Solid 4 was not actually a video game past Act 2 is quite plain to see, and the man clearly has some directorial chops.

So, what are the movies that have had the most effect on this gaming storyteller? Well, it seems Kojima has a list. To be honest, from glancing at it, I’d have to say that Kojima would fit in rather well with me and my buds.

He would also get all of our Predator jokes, apparently. See the full list after the jump!
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Kojima Working on Two New Games

kojimaHideo Kojima, I love you. You are like that strange friend who everyone knows is on drugs but we keep you around because you are a great time and do mean karaoke. Also, you make some cool video games. Or you’ve made a few in your time, that is.

Word on the street is that Kojima is now working on not one, but two new titles, including a rumored FPS. It seems that he’s been visiting some Western gamemakers like Infinity Ward to study up on the genre.

50 bucks says that one of them is Metal Gear related, even though Kojima has sworn off the franchise for each of the last two sequels.

Source- 1UP