Halo: Reach – The Good, The Badass, The Ugly

Much to my chagrin, the Halo: Reach beta officially terminated as of last week, taking with it something that I found to be a great joy and a huge tease for the full release of the game, which is now confirmed to be September 14. As a bit of a Halo fanboy, I simply can not wait for this game, and I found the multiplayer to be everything I’ve loved about previous Halo games and then more when it came to gameplay.

Well, lucky for those of us feeling nostalgic about something that is just a week past, Bungie put together a little video tribute of Halo: Reach moments: The Good, The Badass, The Ugly. I should go ahead and spoil some of it for you and say that the elite bailing from the banshee and then using the jetpack to fly to safety is one of the coolest clips I’ve seen.

What are you waiting for? See for yourselves. Also, who participated in the beta, and who’s for sure getting the game when it drops this September?


GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?

Starcraft 2 betaSummer. In the great state of Texas, Summer is more than just a season. It is a way of life. It’s more than just hot, it is like living in a dog’s mouth. Yes, in our neck of the woods we will soon start dealing with temperatures that are greater than 95 to 100 degrees constantly, with 1000 percent humidity to boot. Texas climate is a great and harsh mistress, and we will weep.

But that doesn’t mean we stop playing games. In fact, we play games more than ever, as we seek shelter from the sun’s plague-ish rays that beat our brows, and try to find solace in moving pixels and multiplayer matches. For many of you guys, you’ll soon be off of school and ready to tackle a whole new slew of games. For working folk like myself, I will soon be free of a humongous burden known only as the second season of Web Zeroes. That means lots of gaming goodness will be had by all. Lo!

So, I guess that’s my way of asking what you guys are playing? Me: Starcraft 2 Beta and Reach Beta. You guys? Go!

The GamerSushi Show, Ep 1: Very Important Conference Call!

PodcastThe other day Mitch made a post asking for topics of discussion about a super secret feature that he totally couldn’t tell you about. Well, that topic was actually regarding something we’ve been talking about doing for about six months amongst ourselves, and we finally put it together this week: a GamerSushi podcast.

The GamerSushi Show will hopefully be a recurring feature that takes place every 2-3 weeks, depending on our schedules. In the future, we want to talk about gaming stories, topics that you guys submit and reflect on cool discussions that have happened here on the site. We’re pretty excited about this, to say the least. We’re all in love with the cool community we’ve got growing here, so this is one of the many new steps we’re in the process of taking to help enhance and grow it in good ways.

Anyway, take the time and listen to us all ramble, nerd-style, about the video games we love and the things that interest us about them. It’s a fairly long first take at a podcast, clocking in at about 52 minutes or so, but I think it turned out alright for our first go at it. These things are tricky business, especially since we are all in different places and recording it via Skype, and I’m excited about how it’ll get better over time. Continue reading The GamerSushi Show, Ep 1: Very Important Conference Call!

Defend the House is Back With Halo: Reach Betabusters

Well, we did warn you about the incoming slew of Reach related posts, but I think we can be forgiven for putting up the newest video by Defend the House, the dedicated group behind Halo 3 Mythbusters and Modern Warfare 2 Mythbusters. This time around they’ve turned their sights on the Halo Reach Beta, exposing a few things about the gameplay in the Beta that you might not have known about. Have a watch.

Pretty neat, don’t you think? Did you guys find out anything useful that you can apply to your gameplay? What do you think of the Beta so far? And where are my friend requests?

Halo: Reach Beta Role Call

Halo Reach BetaI’m going to go ahead and apologize to you non-Haloites in advance. Over the next few weeks, we will no doubt have quite a few Halo: Reach stories up and running, since the beta is kicking in full effect tomorrow. While I am no doubt excited, I am trying to quell my Halo fanboy-ism so that I don’t annoy you all to death with it. But patience and forgiveness will be required, brothers.

What’s crazy is I remember playing the Halo 3 beta years ago, and how excited I was to play it then. I booted up my 360 to start the beta downloading first thing in the morning… and then my 360 red ringed on me. Maybe one of the worst things to happen to me in my adult life. It was horrible. Then my bud Daniel let me borrow his 360 for the beta… only I had left the Crackdown disc in the red ringed 360 which got shipped to MS. It was not a very good month for me.

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to post and figure out which of you guys would be joining me and fellow GS writer Mitch in the ensuing 3 week Halo: Reach Beta madness. Post your gamertags here and feel free to send us invites (Pwnocchio and Lubeius). Let me know you’re from GS when you do so!

I’ve got my ODST disc waiting. Super pumped.

GamerSushi Asks: Most Anticipated Titles?

I know we’ve asked this question a few times before, but that was before the bevy of games that we were blasted with over the last few months. Plus, I like polls, so shutup. They rule.

As we all know, the last few months for our hobby have kind of ruled pretty hard. I’m still in the throes of chugging through Final Fantasy XIII at the moment (50 hours in!), and I think I’m finally getting towards the end. And honestly, I can’t wait either, because then I’m going to hop into Splinter Cell: Conviction and the Halo: Reach beta next week like they stole something from me.

Anyway, I thought I’d take the time to ask what you guys are excited about that’s on the docket for 2010 or early 2011. What games are you still really looking forward to, now that a lot of the big ones are freshly out of the way? Vote and tell us what you think in the comments.

What is your most anticipated unreleased game?

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Halo Multiplayer Trailer Reaches for the Sky With Jetpacks

It’s a real shame that May 3rd is so far away, because watching this multiplayer trailer for Halo: Reach makes me pine for some Halo-flavored action. Actually, that’s not the best way to phrase it because Reach takes what the previous Halos did then mashes it up with Red Faction: Guerrilla (jetpacks) and Call of Duty (loadouts). The prior Halos were good times in multiplayer, but this trailer makes it look like Bungie took their game, as one aging rockstar said, “to eleven.” Have a peek:

Is that some hot stuff or what? Anyone else starting to feel the return of the dreaded but oh-so-sweet Halo hype? This is almost enough for me to forgive the franchise for Legends. What do you guys think about the trailer?