Rumor: Terminator MMO?

terminatorOut of all the lucrative sci-fi properties floating out in license land, I’m surprised that nobody’s been able to make a decent Terminator game. I mean, the series has it all. Time travel, killer robots, bad ass characters. There’s really a lot of potential there, and so far, nobody’s delivered.

However, there’s always hope. In fact, Halcyon games, part of the Halcyon Company, which owns the rights to the Terminator franchise, has been hinting about discussions for a possible Terminator MMO. Granted, these guys are also making a Terminator: Salvation game which doesn’t look all that great, but even still, the idea is definitely a cool one.

The Terminator franchise would be the perfect fit for an MMO, in my opinion. Imagine if instead of other continents (a la WOW), the game sported different time periods to visit. Playing as the human resistance against the machines could make for some great gameplay as well.

So what do you guys think? Crazy, or cool?

Source- IncGamers