Getting Addicted to Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Guys, I have a confession.

You see, in the last couple of weeks I’ve developed a bit of an addiction. Every day at work, my mind is driven by thoughts of drugs, violence, theft, mayhem and destruction. At night my actions are guided by these impulses, and I disappear into the dark underbelly of my psyche to participate in grotesque fantasies, some of which leave people bloodied and battered.

Of course, I’m talking about Grand Theft Auto V here, Rockstar’s record-breaking new game that puts you in the shoes of the retired thief Michael, the up-and-coming gangster Franklin and the maniacal, homicidal addict Trevor. I can’t get enough of it. Continue reading Getting Addicted to Grand Theft Auto V

2009’s Hottest Portable Games

psp_v_ds2MTV, while not really having a damn thing to do with music anymore, has a surprisingly decent gaming news section on their website. They have compiled a top 5 list of portable games to watch for on I don’t know about you guys, but I love my DS just as much as my PS3 and I am always excited for new games coming out on it.

List after the jump:
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Skeletons in Gaming’s Closet

Everyone knows that gaming hasn’t always had its high points, particularly when it seems that a larger part of the media wants to smear our favorite hobby whenever they get a chance. What, with things like Mass Effect on Fox News, GTA always being over-scrutinized, etc, it seems that gaming’s got a lot of scandals to sweep under the rug.

To categorize all of these unmentionable moments (some silly, others not so silly), MCV has put together a list of Gaming’s Biggest Controversies. They cover a wide variety of topics from America’s Army to Hot Coffee.

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