God of War III Trailer Tries Too Hard

OK, another gaming confession here: I’ve never played a God of War game. Honestly, I’ve just never seen the appeal, but I have heard that the series is supposed to be pretty good. The next game in the franchise is set to hit in about a month, and the world premier of the associated trailer just dropped on GTTV. Check it out:

One thing that this trailer really accentuates is the massive scale that Santa Monica Studios is trying to achieve. I mean, you fight a giant horse-spider on top of a living mountain. It definitely looks really good, but I get the sense that the marketing team is trying to over-emphasize the God of War series’ reputation for being over the top and brutal. What do you guys think? Are you going to be buying, renting, or passing altogether?

God of War III Trailer, Pop-Up Style

If you haven’t seen the God of War III trailer yet, it kind of owns. In a massive way. The game looks bigger, more violent and more epic than ever before. Unfortunately, all we really have is a 2 minute trailer that gives us any hint of what to expect. That’s why Gametrailers posted an in-depth and detailed look at the footage, complete with pop-up factoids. Fun times.

God of War III Trailer Contains Much Epic

You may or may not have seen the awesome God of War III trailer that hit this weekend. Well, if you haven’t hear it is, in all of its minion slaying, titan riding glory. The coolest part? Apparently, all of this stuff is using in-game assets. Now that’s hot.

VGA: God of War 3 Trailer

Say what you want about the VGA’s, but man, it was cool to see some exclusive new announcements. For instance this teasingly short but tantalizingly sweet God of War 3 trailer, which shows off what looks to be incredible in-game footage. The graphics here are remarkable, and it looks like there will be some familiar gameplay tropes as well as new twists.