Is the Next Gears of War Game a Prequel?

Gears of War Game Informer

It’s possible. Game Informer’s got the scoop on the newest no-neck cover-based execution-loving third-person shooter from Epic Games, and while we don’t know much about it, we do know that it’s a brand new Gears of War game. It’s the particulars that get a little bit iffy.

So far, the big rumor that’s swirling around the tubes is that the fourth Gears of War game is a prequel. And not only that, but the first game in a prequel trilogy, developed by People Can Fly, the team that created Bulletstorm. The cover image from Game Informer’s July issue would seem to indicate that this new game could possibly show how Marcus Fenix ended up in the prison cell when the first game started.

As much as I’ve adored the Gears of War franchise, count me among the people in the world that is just not that excited by the term “prequel” any longer. The problem with most prequels is that we’ve seen the end of the story already, so they just don’t hold the narrative steam of new content. And even though Epic and Co. insist that they can go a million different directions with the story, I’d rather see a new setting/universe, but with the same mechanics that make Gears of War unique. Why keep spinning out endless threads for a story that we’ve already explored to death? I guess we’ll find out more next week at E3.

So what do you guys think of the idea of a new Gears of War game? Do you dislike the idea of it being a prequel? Are prequels old news now? Go!

Update: Game Informer has updated the link, showing that the cover image is actually of both Cole and Baird in chains, not Marcus Fenix. So it looks like this will still be a prequel, but starring the two fan favorites. Does this change your feelings?

Source – Game Informer and CVG